Glow World Record Success!

On the 11 September 2014 Glow, Milton Keynes took part in one of the world's largest high intensity training classes along with other Glow classes up and down the country. The aim was to break the world record for the largest HIIT class.  We were delighted that Glow nominated the Hope for Hollie Foundation as their charity for the evening. The event was a great success and we are pleased to confirm that Glow were successful in their world record attempt!  The event included a fabulous raffle and refreshments after the event which helped raise a staggering £570 for the Foundation.


We would like to thank Maria Burnell and all the wonderful ladies at Glow for their support and generosity.


Live @ Midsummer 2013

On the 31st August 2013 RGS Music and MKFM hosted the very first Live @ Midsummer

event in Midsummer Place, Central Milton Keynes. The event included live performances

by Holly Brewer, The Voice contestant, Kavanagh, Hutt and Bailey McConnell. The whole

Hope for Hollie team were out in force on the day to help raise awareness of Niemann Pick

and assist with bucket collections throughout Midsummer Place shopping centre.


The event was a great success, with many shoppers stopping to listen to local vocal talents

and find outmore about our campaign. We would like to thank RGS Music and MKFM for hosting

this event.

Mascot Mayhem hits Milton Keynes

On the 22 June 2013 the Milton Keynes Mascot Olympics took place at the Theatre District in Milton Keynes. Hope for Hollie was delighted to have been selected as a charity partner for this event along with Harrys Rainbow, a local charity that provides vital support to children affected by the death of a family member.


The Mascots from all over the country provided great entertainment on the day. Click on the 'Gallery' tab to see some great pictures taken on the day.



Maisie & Lydia's 48 hour Stayawakeathon


At the beginning of April Hollie's cousin, Maisie, and her friend Lydia took on the challenge to stay away for 48 hours.  This is what the girls had to say about why they decided to take up the challenge:


'We did the Stay Awake Athon because we wanted get more involved in raising money for a good cause, so we chose Niemann Pick, as Maisie is Hollie's cousin and Hollie suffers Niemann Pick Type C. We thought it would be great to raise money for her and other children suffering her illness .We are very glad with the
money we have raised which was £361.52. We completed the 48 hours of staying awake and it was very difficult but we were encouraged to carry on as we knew we were doing it for Niemann Pick. We would just like to say thank you for each sponsor and kind message we have received and we shall be doing more in the
future for Niemann Pick.'


Maisie Dyer and Lydia Doyle

'We Will Rock You' Rocked for Hollie!


In February 2012 during the Shenley Brook End School production 'Wizard of Oz' family friend, Jordan Smith, spoke about Hollie and the  Hope for Hollie campaign and organised interval bucket collections. Over three nights he raised  just over £650.  A year later in February 2013  at the school production of 'We will Rock You' Jordan decided to do it all over again, speaking about Hollie and collecting donations during the interval setting himself a personal target of  at least £400 to reach a combined total of £1000. Jordan exceeded his target by raising a staggering £779 which made a  total of just over £1400! In March instead of raising money for Comic Relief, Shenley Brook End School opted to raise money for Hope for Hollie by having a non-uniform day.


We would like to thank Jordan and Shenley Brook End School for their continued support for the Hope for Hollie Campaign and all those who donated so generously. 

Hollie's Midsummer Nights Dream - Another Great Success


Hollie's Midsummer Nights Dream ball in aid of the Niemann Pick Disease Group (UK) took place at Jurys Inn on the 23 June 2012.  The event was a sell out with 310 guests attending. The evening started with a champagne reception where guests were greeted by the beautiful sounds of a string quartet.  Guests then enjoyed a sit down three course meal, live entertainment including a performance by local talent, Holly Brewer, disco, auction and raffle. An awareness DVD was also shown during the evening which highlighted the achievements of the campaign since its launch in 2007 and served as a reminder of why the campaign desperately needs ongoing support in 2012 and beyond.  A link to the DVD is shown on our homepage.


We are delighted to confirm that the total raised after costs was £10,891. This money has now been forwarded to the Niemann Pick Disease Group (UK). As a small charity this will make a huge difference to them and we thank everyone who supported this event, whether as a guest or as a sponsor.


If you want to see more pictures of the evening please visit the 'Gallery' page.

Paul's 3 Peak Challenge for Hollie

Why Hope for Hollie?

I first came aware of the Hope for Hollie campaign May/June last year. Hollie is in the same class as my youngest Katie and are good friends. My wife Sally had a conversation with Helen, Hollie’s mum which is when we found out about Hollie’s condition.


Time passed last year but I wanted to do something for the Hope for Hollie campaign as it was so close to home.


Why the 3 Peaks Challenge?

Just before Christmas 2010, a few of us were out and having a discussion about a challenge we could do as we were all hitting 40, after a few drinks, which is normally how these things come about!, we settled on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, which one of us had done before, not me I assure you! The most I had ever walked since passing my driving test about 20 odd years ago was a walk to the local shop or a stagger home back from the pub!


A bit naively we never did any training for this as we thought it wouldn’t be that difficult. How wrong was I! I struggled but completed it as I was determined to finish it. It is the first time Sally said my stubbornness was a good thing!


I then thought about taking on the main 3 Peaks Challenge, this time with proper training. The 3 Peaks Challenge is climbing the 3 highest peaks in Scotland, England & Wales back to back in a 24 hour timescale. This covers Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike & Snowdon.


The one thing I regretted about the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge was that I did not do for charity, I was not going to do that again and this seemed the perfect fund raising for me for the Hope for Hollie campaign.


3 Peaks Challenge


I travelled up to Scotland on the Friday and stayed the night in Fort William ready to take on Ben Nevis on the Saturday morning. I went with organised trip and there were 12 of us in the group.


We started with Ben Nevis, it rained most of the way but not too bad as we were fresh although walking through about 8 inches of snow for about 50 feet near the summit was interesting in June!


We were an hour late starting Scafell as the 2nd guide was late! We paid the price for that as half of our climb and all of the descent was done in the dark. It was raining hard and I can honestly say I have never been more concerned about my safety than on the descent as it was raining, the rocks were wet & slippy and the head light only gave you about 15 yards of visibility as it was misty as well! Fell about 4/5 times, banging my back against the rocks and leg giving away underneath me once, and slipped countless of times, but got there in the end.


I was just so relieved to get through that without getting lost or injured. Our main guide did tell us after that about halfway up, he did come very close to turning us around. I am so glad he didn’t.


Onto Snowdon and I think the experience of Scafell just made the determination even more so to complete it. The start of that was rain but then stopped and up came a massive cheer from the group as we saw a bit of a sunshine for the first time on the challenge and for the majority of the rest of Snowdon, it was great, the views were fantastic. Compared to the other 2 this was a lot easier.


Hollie was always on the back of my mind and there was no way I was not going to complete this. I also had a MP3 player to listen to which also helped on the climbs.


I had great support from family, friends and work which enabled me to raise just over £2,000.


Paul McOmish

The Tin Man Helps Hollie

In February 2012 pupils from Shenley Brook End School put on a fantastic production of Wizard of Oz.  One of the stars of the show, The Tin Man aka Jordan Smith, decided that he wanted to use the interval during each performance to help raise awareness of Hollie's condition and to raise funds for the Hope for Hollie campaign.  


Not satisfied with just shaking a few buckets, Jordan felt so passionate about the cause that he decided to write a few words about Hollie and why the Hope for Hollie campaign was a cause so close to his heart. It was hard not to be moved by his speech which obviously struck a cord with the audience.  The buckets were filling up rapidly every night and we are delighted to announce that the total raised was a staggering £651.03! 


A huge thank you to Jordan for organising this fundraiser and for  helping us spread a little bit more awareness of this disease.  A big thanks also to the rest of the cast for helping with the bucket collection, to Shenley Brook End School for agreeing to the collection and to the wonderful members of the audience who donated so generously each night.

Dan's Chef Night

On 4th May 2011, Daniel Treadwell, a Level 3 catering student held a Charity Auction Night in aid of  "Hope for Hollie", at his college in Bletchley with the help of his mum, Karen. The evening was attended by Helen and her husband, Pete Carter, and the host for the event was Rusty Goffe, the well known dwarf actor from Leighton Buzzard, who has appeared in numerous films including Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Star Wars and Harry Potter. 


Customers were served with a delicious 5 course meal, prepared, cooked and served by the students at the college with Dan being Head Chef for the night.  Rusty was the perfect host for the event and had everyone laughing and in a great mood for bidding on the auction items.  Local and national businesses were very generous and so were all the customers on the night.  As there were so many auction prizes, Dan and his Mum decided to run a 'silent auction' as well, which went on for a few weeks.  By the time the 'live auction' and 'silent auction' had ended and the money counted, the amount raised was a grand total of £ 818.00 to which Dan and Karen were very proud to have achieved.  Both of them said, 'although it was hard work, it was well worth the effort.


It was a great night and we're very pleased and proud to have raised so much for a wonderful charity who deserve every penny'.

Skydive 2011

In June a team of fourteen brave individuals took part in the second annual tandem skydive for the Hope for Hollie Campaign at Hinton Airfield in Brackley.


Thanks to the members of the Hope for Hollie skydive team and the generosity of their supporters this event raised an amazing £12,000 and helped raise awareness of Niemann Pick Disease and the devastating impact it has on families.


It was the wish of all those taking part in this jump that the funds raised be split 50/50 between the Niemann Pick Disease Group (UK) and a dream holiday fund for Hollie and her family.   Hollie’s dream holiday will be to Florida next Easter and will also incorporate a 3rd visit to the National Institute of Health in Maryland so that she can continue to assist researchers as part of the natural history study into Niemann Pick Type C.


The Hope for Hollie campaign would like to acknowledge the brave efforts of the following 2011 skydiving team who endured an agonising wait on the day for the clouds to clear but never lost enthusiasm:-

Aoife Anderson
David Goodband
Jamie Rollings
Rebecca Whiteley
Cheylene Godfrey
Clare Bryan
Keven Smith
Trevor Latter
Richard Lambert
Sam Brown
Gemma Mansi
Simon Harvey
Roger Widdecombe
Daniel Standish


The skydive has proved such a popular event on the Hope for Hollie fundraising calendar that plans are already underway for a jump day next August with ten people already signed up!

If you would like to consider taking part next year please email

Hellrunner 2010

Hellrunner Down South is held at Longmoor Military Training Camp and is an event which involves running somewhere between 10 and 12 miles, over multi-terrain and varying underfoot conditions. The course is extremely hilly and has a number of water-filled areas which competitors have to run through.

Tanya Lambert is a friend of Hollie and her Mum and Dad, and having met Hollie and heard about the Hope for Hollie campaign, she really wanted to do something to help, and being a keen runner decided to do the Hell Run to raise money.

Hope for Hollie spoke to Tanya, to explain the story behind her participation in the Hellrunner 2010 event, and why she chose to do it!


"Back in July we arranged a birthday party for my daughter Maisie and invited a number of her school friends. One of whom was Hollie. Around the same time we were having a dress down day and work, raising money for the Hope for Hollie campaign. It was at this time that the realisation hit me that Maisie’s friend Hollie was the subject of the Hope for Hollie campaign. I had spoken to Hollie at another birthday party some months previously and was shocked to find this bubbly, chatty, fun little girl was suffering from this terrible disease. It was heartbreaking.


I therefore felt I needed to do something to support the campaign. Being a keen runner, I had already entered Hellrunner Down South. As the event is held in November and I am not particularly keen on being submerged in freezing cold water, I decided this would be an ideal opportunity to get behind the Hope for Hollie campaign and raise some money for the Niemann Pick Disease Group (UK).


The day of the event was 28th November. We turned up for the run and the temperature was down to -3. Waiting around for the start was freezing cold and I just wanted it to be over. If I wasn’t doing it for Hope for Hollie, I don’t think I would have gone through with it. Anyway, once the run was underway I warmed up and started to feel a bit better. After an hour of running up and down hills I was hit by the ‘Bogs of Doom!’ It was a case of jumping in, up to my chest in water and wading through for about 15 to 20 metres of freezing cold water.


After that, I thought we can't be far from the end. We had a couple more steep hills to climb, then back into waist deep water again! This time, trying to push the lumps of ice out of the way. Then a few more hills again and in the distance I saw an inflatable archway. I assumed this was the finish, so upped my pace to get to the end. Once through the arch a marshal told me "Well done, only just over a mile to go." I recall it was at this stage I thought never again!!!


Anyway, I got to the end. I changed my clothes and was half way through my bacon sandwich when I started talking about doing it next year. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all!


The generosity of family, friends and work colleagues has been overwhelming. They have given over £900 and I hope to get £700 of this matched by my employer, giving a total of over £1600 for NPD. This amount has far exceeded my expectations. Well worth a couple of hours discomfort for such a worthwhile cause. I’m hoping to make this an annual event and get a team together for next year. As yet, I haven’t had a rush of volunteers, but have had a couple of maybes. Once the warmer weather comes I may have more success.