The Hope for Hollie Foundation

The Hope for Hollie Foundation is a grant making organisation which seeks to advance education in all aspects of Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C) amongst the public and make a positive difference to those affected and their families by aiding research into the disease and through the giving of grants both to affected individuals and to organisations with a common interest.


The Foundation achieved charitable status on the 17 March 2014 under charity number 1156216. The Foundation is made up on a board of eight trustees;


Helen Carter, Chair

Alison Taylor, Vice Chair

Diane Waller, Secretary

Sarah Gale, Treasurer

Dana Smith, Trustee

Roger Widdecombe, Trustee

Linda Skellern, Trustee

Jacqui Richardson, Trustee

Nadia Slatch, Trustee


Medical Advisor - Professor Paul Gissen PhD FRCPCH


As a grant giving organisation, the Hope for Hollie Foundation will provide grants to affected individuals where there is a recognised social or medical need and to organisations with a common interest such as those that provide support or services specifically relating to aspects of NP-C or who support research into the condition.


For further details please refer to the Foundation's Grant Making Policy.


Annual Report for period ending 31 March 2015

Impact Report 2014/15