Recent Grants Awarded

Grants Approved So Far in 2015

2015 has so far been a busy year of grant funding for the Foundation.


We are delighted to have been able to approve the following grants so far:


  • Part funding for the post of Niemann Pick UK Family Officer


  • Research funding to assist with the continuation of a research study at the University of Oxford


  • Funding for a storage shed so that a young girl affected by NP-C could have her wheelchairs and trike stored at home rather than her grandparents home


  • Funding to have a side gate fitted in a home where two affected adults required extra security and privacy 


  • Garden decking for a young adult so that she can access the garden easily and spend therapeautic time in a hot tub


We currently have further grants awaiting approval

June 2014


Action Medical Research for Children

£4,666 to cover 1 year project management and monitoring costs for Professor Fran Platt's research looking into the development and evaluation of metal based treatments for Niemann Pick Type C.


'We are delighted to announce a generous donation from The Hope for Hollie Foundation towards Professor Fran Platt’s research investigating lysosomal storage diseases. Professor Platt, of the University of Oxford, is leading research into three rare diseases: Niemann-Pick type C (NPC), Sandhoff disease and GM1 gangliosidosis.  


Children with these diseases experience a range of distressing symptoms that gradually get worse over time, including difficulties swallowing, physical disabilities, dementia, blindness and seizures. Dr Platt’s team aims to develop new treatments, with the aim of reducing children’s suffering and improving their lives.


Action Medical Research for Children'


Niemann-Pick UK

£6,050 to part fund the role of NP-UK Family Officer - a much valued role which provides vital non-clinical support to affected families.


'Niemann-Pick UK is delighted to announce that our work is to be supported by the Hope for Hollie Foundation in 2014.


The Foundation has chosen to support our activities through a generous grant award of £6,050 that will part fund the role of NP-UK Families Officer.  We are grateful to the Foundation for recognising the importance of this role, which provides essential non-clinical advice and support to those affected by Niemann-Pick diseases and their families. We would like to thank all at the Hope for Hollie Foundation for this opportunity and the much-needed support it provides.


Niemann-Pick UK'


Grants approved in September 2014

Four individual grants were approved in September 2014 totalling £2,435.00 for the following;


- Specialist Buggy

- Medical Monitoring equipment within the home

- Garden adaptions

- Specialist Posture Chair


Grant to Niemann Pick UK for an additional £3,025.00 to support the post of Family Officer (this is in addition to the £6,050 agreed in June 2014).